【Gamania News】

Grab a front row seat for Tiara Concerto, the newest sky-high musical adventure MMORPG, brought to you by Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., now appearing at the 2011 Gamania Game Show from September 8-9, 2011!

During the two-day gaming convention in Taiwan, international and local media will get a chance to test run the latest version of the game, which previously struck a chord with players at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. Along with the release of its latest trailer, theme song, and spinoff comic strip series on Facebook, Tiara Concerto Mini will also be on display at the show, showcasing Gamania’s long-term goal of creating cross-platform experiences associated with each of its self-developed titles for players to enjoy.

A musical, magical battle experience in the clouds

In Tiara Concerto, players will experience a new and refreshing battle system, harnessing the power of music to defeat enemies while exploring a breathtaking world high among the clouds. The visuals in the game will be brought to life at the blue and white decorated Tiara Concerto pavilion, complete with sky ship model hanging above, making visitors feel as though they were mounting the skies.

In the Tiara Concerto game demo, the players’ sky ship—the basic method of traveling from one floating island to another—is attacked by fire beasts that prowl the skies. The captain of the sky ship asks players to launch a counterattack by jumping onto the enemy’s ship and dismantling their cannons. With the cannons disabled, players must next head to the power stove and activate four cooling systems before attempting to take down the head of the fire beasts in a sudden battle to the death.

During the demo, each participant will play as a Human, one of the three major races apart from Elves and Beasts. Each Human will team up with three other NPCs of different classes—such as the Performer, the Composer and the Tuner—and join forces to defeat the enemy. The strengths of each class differ greatly from one another; for instance, the Performer excels in close-quarter combat, the Composer is the master of sudden attacks, and the Tuner, the strongest of the bunch, acts not only as a reliever but can also launch large-scale attacks using the mysterious skill, “Tuning” -- borrowing forces from the four natural elements of earth, water, wind and fire to open dimensions and repel enemies.

One feature that makes Tiara Concerto stand out from other MMORPG games is the way the movements of each character are designed. Characters appear to be “dancing” to the background music when moving forward, stepping backward, dodging and generating chain combo attacks. The instruments and scores that players obtain throughout the game determine the kinds of enemies that are unleashed and the settings of each level. This means no player ever experiences the exact same game, and every melody has the potential to change the outcome of the game!

Scores of fun at the Tiara Concerto pavilion

While some 100 guests are entertained by the demo and the live action show performed by Human girl and Beast girl cosplayers, the Tiara Concerto pavilion also features its Facebook comic strip series, Tiara Concerto Mini, giving players a sneak preview at the game’s characters, settings and special attack powers before the game’s official launch.

Tiara Concerto is set to launch in 2012 as one of Gamania’s four major online titles, including Core Blaze, Langrisser Schwarz and Dream Drops. Until then, don’t forget to check the Facebook fan page often for more information and updates!