Gamania's un-fairytale MMO Dream Drops to be released in Hong Kong this May
Updates include new instance, settings and interactive conversation
17 February 2012
Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.'s fairy-tale based MMO Dream Drops is looking at a closed-beta release in Hong Kong this May—the first in-house MMO by Gamania that will be officially issued this year. The game's developer, PlayCoo Games, revealed the latest contents in the game, including an interactive conversation function with 3D animation, a storybook log, a new setting, and a new instance inspired by Peter Pan.


Many changes have happened to Dream Drops since Gamania revealed its latest demo at last September's Gamania Game Show in Taipei, and the production team is happy to say that they are nearing the final stage of development, and would be releasing the closed-beta version in Hong Kong this May. According to the producers, the storyline of Dream Drops incorporates as many as 30 different classic fairy tales, and they hope that through this game, players would relive the childhood joy of listening to these fairy tales for the first time.


One of the updates revealed by the producers of Dream Drops is a special function that allows players to engage in interactive conversation with non-playable characters (NPC) in the game—using 3D animation. Unlike most online MMOs, which usually has NPCs conversing through bubbles, the player's screen will zoom in to the NPC during a conversation, so that it will feel like the NPC is talking to the player face-to-face, like a real person.


The storybook is another new development that will be seen in the closed beta version of Dream Drops. Players use the storybook to piece back memories that the fairy tale characters lost at the beginning of the game when "time" was stolen from the world of After Dreams. So, it is not just a game log, but also a one-of-a-kind fairy-tale that was created by the player as he or she completes the missions throughout the game.
"Pinocchio's Nightmare Toy Factory" is a new setting in the game, and the atmosphere is relatively sinisterly compared to other previously revealed settings such as "The Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea Party" and "Royal Hearts Castle". The production team explains that the setting was designed based on environmental pollution, with an underlying appeal to boost eco-awareness in its players.
The production team has also added a new instance in Dream Drops, "The Crocodile's Belly," which can either be played on one's own or with other players. Inspired by the same animal that swallowed a clock in the renowned fairy tale "Peter Pan", a ticking sound can be heard throughout this stage. The boss here, of course, is the infamous Captain Hook, only assuming the form of a tiger; it's the production team's inside joke as "Hook" transliterates to the Chinese character "Tiger". The hot-tempered captain also has a mysterious sidekick who will revive him using magic powers in a battle, so this is a character the player must eliminate first.
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