Dream Drops Characters Snow White and Queen of Hearts revealed at 2011 Gamania Game Show:A First Look at Variety of Character Classes, Unique Guild City System and Other Original Content ...2011.09.08
TAIPEI, Taiwan – September 8th, 2011 – Gamania showcased its most recent grand creation Dream Drops today at the 2011 Gamania Game Show (GGS), going on through September 9th. Gamania's latest effort follows on the heel of the massively popular DIVINA, which boasts of more than one million players in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. GGS provides the opportunity for the international press to experience in person the rich variety of player character classes, battle scenarios and group gaming options, all in evidence of Gamania's prowess in original game creation.


Snow White turns rogue; Queen of Hearts changes her tune
At the Dream Drops showcase, Gamania expertly set the scene with delicate European-style brick houses and a décor reminiscent of afternoon tea parties, producing a classical atmosphere interlaced with childlike fascination. Against the backdrop, a drama of evil forces twisting the world order unfolds with an urgent call-to-arms to the defenders of justice, while a declaration of war takes place between two prominent figures from the game: the proud, vengeful, devilish and brand-name-wearing Snow White, and a re-imagined Queen of Hearts, who subverts the traditional portrayal of irrationality with her determination to defend her kingdom and lead her troops in pursuit of the notorious Time Thieves.

Grand debut for the Indian Warrior of Neverland, the valiant hunter, and the sweetly healing Candyhouse Pastry Chef
There are four character classes available for players to choose from at the GGS Dream Drops showcase, including the previously announced Blue Bird Dream Painter and Nutcracker Warrior, as well as the Indian Warrior of Neverland and the Candyhouse Pastry Chef.

The Indian Warrior is a skilled hunter hand-picked by the chief of the clan after passing a series of difficult tests. She has moderate physical defense and magical defense levels. When facing a monster, the ambidextrous Warrior may employ hand-to-hand combat techniques such as "Hack Slash" and "Wolf Down Attack". She has the highest explosion impact rate of all the classes in the game. Also, when switching to a drawstring bow, the Indian Warrior can achieve the highest explosion damage of all the classes. With the skills mentioned above, the Indian Warrior is indeed invaluable as one of the major attack forces in a team.

The Pastry Chef is originally employed by the Candyhouse Cooperation. One day, she is fired from her job without reason, and decides to travel around the world in order to try all the cuisines the world has to offer.

In the game, the Pastry Chef serves in the healing and supplies capacity, and uses a set of magical kitchenware as her weapons. By sharing magical snacks and candies, the Pastry Chef can heal any injured teammate. When the Indian Warrior suffers damage from the monster's counterattack, the Pastry Chef can unleash adorable and yet powerful magical supplements such as "Energy Milk", "Colorful Pop Rocks" and "Ice Cream Cones" to restore the energy of the team; she is even able to decrease the monster's attack speed by using the "Ballast Lollipop". She will provide powerful support in any team mission.

Build your own guild city with the power of the masses
In order to increase player interaction and camaraderie, the guild system at Dream Drops is unique in that after the players form a guild, they are able to build their very own, 3D guild city in the architectural style of their choice. The guild city features unique looks and guild-specific technology and abilities, and is the perfect location to both hang out with members of the guild and show off the exploits of the guild to the outside world.
An even more singular feature is that even non-guild players can contribute to the construction of the guild city through freelancing. Any player can take on a guild mission by claiming a Guild Seed from NPCs at the guild city. During the mission, the player plants the seed on the target monster in order to obtain the fruit after defeating the monster. After reporting back at the guild city with the fruit, the player will accomplish the dual purpose of winning a reward and strengthening the guild city.
The Blue Bird Dream Painter, the Nutcracker Warrior, the Indian Warrior of Neverland and the Pastry Chef will explore the realms of After Dreams together in order to trace the impending danger to its source, with the ultimate goal of restoring peace to their world and taking back the stolen Time. The future of After Dreams is in the hands of the players! Dream Drops is scheduled to launch during the first half of 2012.
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