Gamania Reveals More Dream Drops Details
Nutcracker Warrior Reina Seeks Lost Memory While Leading Puppetship
[Gamania News] Gamania has revealed more details on their new MMORPG, Dream Drops. The second storyline video features a new character, Reina the Nutcracker Warrior, and the highly customizable "Puppetship" system, with which players can form their own army of adorable monsters and NPCs to fight against the Time Thieves.

Reina the Nutcracker Warrior Battles Evil and Seeks Lost Memory

In the world of After Dreams, Reina was cursed by an evil Mouse King and doomed to eternal servitude. Luckily, only half of Reina's body was turned into wood for reasons unknown. Her sad fate, however, did not affect her sense of justice.


Among the classes in Dream Drops, Nutcracker Warriors have the highest health and defense, which could help them survive any battle. Therefore, they are best suited to play the role of a tank in party. Gamers playing as the Nutcracker Warrior will have to find suitable allies to join the quest to save a world on the verge of destruction.


Fight Enemies with Your Puppet Army
In the world of Dream Drops, gamers will encounter many different characters and obtain puppets through battles, quests, or mystery shops. Players can pick three puppets from their Puppet Book to join them in battle.


Some puppets that players can get in the game include the trustworthy but stubborn Teapot General Charlie, Charles the Time Traveling Rabbit, and the seemingly innocent Uma the Little Piggie. As they travel with the player, the puppets can grow more powerful individually. Players can also order them into different formations in order to fight more effectively

What kind of fate awaits Reina? What happened to her friends? How will the battle between Snow White and Queen of Hearts shape the world? More information will be revealed in Gamania's third announcement!