When people are sound asleep, the characters from fairy tales come to life! Welcome to After Dreams where your favorite fairy tale characters (Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, Princess and the Frog, Alice, Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit) come to life! But they're in trouble and need your help! Someone stole their "time!"

Ever since time fell into disorder, the fairy tale characters have acted in bizarre and unusual ways. The surprising new endings of the stories have made everyone confused and their world is now facing an unprecedented crisis! Snow White fell in love with a villain and opened up a clothes shop! Prince Charming and the Big Bad Wolf are injured with the same aliment and have to heal themselves.

To fulfill the dreams of children around the world, the Elder Board led by the Queen of Hearts convened a royal meeting and decided to summon Sleepwalker to restore order to the fairy tales. The player is able to control Time Mineral Tommy, and travel freely through time and space as the Sleepwalker. The player will be able to embark on adventures and summon various fairy tale characters, build an army, receive help from a Mysterious Magic Puppet and search for the Time Raiders who can help uncover the culprits.

The Queen of Hearts has granted Sleepwalker the privilege of inviting companions to build his or her own Fairy Tale Castle by putting in the Mermaid's Shell House as newlywed home, or setting up Indian's Guardian Totem in the middle of the plaza for a hang out. Even Hans Christian Anderson, the father of modern fairy tales, has to sigh about not thinking of such a great idea!

The world of After Dreams is magical and sweet, but if it is really just a dream, would you want wake up...?