Mobile Games

  • Subcat

    Subcat features innovative rubbing gameplay in a deep-sea environment. Help these diving cats by using your fingers to rub the screen, then tap to catch fish and grab other items...
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  • Gu Morning

    Help the cute chick GuGu stack boxes to make it back to his father safe and sound! This game combines elements of the classic games Tetris and Lemmings to bring a new dimension of fun to your mobile!
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    Gu Morning
  • Soul Captor

    This MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game has an Eastern fantasy ghost theme. When playing this game, players will get the uncanny sense that these ghosts are real!
    Soul Captor
  • Koihime Musou EXA

    Gamania's most popular game in Japan, based on the classic Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", is available on both Android and feature phones!
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    Koihime Musou EXA