Gamania has its roots firmly planted in Asia. Its Taiwan headquarters are responsible for integrating international human resources, expanding its Asian footprint, forging partnerships, and more recently, managing expansion in Europe and America, while exploring new markets and developing a full range of entertainment brands that delight consumers around the world.


The company is known not only for its abilities in creating and promoting new products, but also bringing together professionals from around the world. Gamania continues to grow and develop its expertise in R&D, technology, creativity, multi-platform digital content and strategies for specialization and integration of the Group's resources. In the future, Gamania will invest more resources into the diversification of digital entertainment products, and continually make strides towards its goal of becoming a world-leading entertainment brand.

Gamania's philosophy of life and work is "Life is a game, and the game is to share". It is all about finding a balance between your obsession with the work you do and living your life.