Originally launched as GASH, the all-new and improved GASH+ provides players with not only a payment platform, but also a combination of entertainment and features that help consumers around the world gain access to the content and games they desire!

GASH PLUS Company was founded after the introduction of more services on the platform, and has since expanded to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, creating the most geographically comprehensive platform in Asia-Pacific. The company now also operates in US, where consumers were in need of a convenient digital content payment tool.

The GASH brand is not just synonymous with convenience and innovation, but has become known as a hub for games, video content, comics, community, leisure and entertainment. With a huge membership base, Gamania has come to hold a dear place in the hearts of many consumers. Using the same security mechanisms as global financial institutions, GASH is able to provide the most secure and stable electronic payment system, taking concrete action to ease players’ access to premium entertainment and increase their sense of belonging to a global community.

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