Gamania was built upon a passion for developing the most fun and exciting online games, multi-platform digital content, animation and all forms of digital entertainment. Our mission: to be a global digital entertainment business, providing the world with unlimited potential for fun and joy in their lives.

Established in 1995 as FullSoft, the company published a game called Convenience Store in 1999. This game was developed in-house and laid the foundations for development and operations in Asia. That same year, the name Gamania was born. The company is committed to creating digital content that entertains markets across the globe, placing more resources into international development and integration.

Since then, Gamania has held its course of international market expansion. The company not only publishes a broad range of popular games, but follows a spirit of "Love to play", recruiting creative talents from around the world to to build up a strong R&D team for multi-platform digital content, games, animation and a diverse array of original entertainment properties. The company is also forever seeking out imaginative stories and elements that bring enjoyment to consumers everywhere.

Beyond content, Gamania launched beanfun!, a digital entertainment portal and online community that connects people from around the world with the content they love. Another innovation from Gamania is GASH+, a payment platform that provides the most convenient, safe and powerful payment tools and platform for digital entertainment.


Top-notch RD

Gathered here are the creative and the camaraderie in the industry with a sole mission to bring the most enjoyable digital entertainment experience to gamers all over the world.


Cutting-edge Technology, A Stable and Secure Gaming Environment

Since the beginning, Gamania has been devoted to building the safest, most stable gaming environment with the latest technology. In 2000, Gamania built what was then the biggest gaming-exclusive server room in all of Asia, providing top-quality gaming environment for our gamers.

Endless Creativity Sparked By People Who Believe

Driven by a passion for fun, games and sharing with others, Gamanians have built a world where every fleeting thought can be turned into something real.

Here at Gamania, we take to heart the “fun-being” of all humankind, with a neverending mission to unveil the most enjoyable digital entertainment experience.