Social, Mobile and the Cloud.

One game, anytime, anywhere. Unlimited gameplay across multiple platforms.

- Develop the most powerful cross-border, cross-platform development team in the world that is committed to the study and introduction of different platforms in gaming and digital content.
- Strengthen the connection between games and vehicles to create a new level of fun on the move. Let everyone in the world play, wherever they are, at any time of day.

Across digital entertainment properties.

A good story, coupled with diverse entertainment platforms is the combination that creates valuable intellectual property.

- A good story can infinitely inspire people’s imaginations, and sense of fun. It also creates a method of communication with others. Original ideas are already deeply rooted in Gamania's DNA.
- Gamania will continue development and investment in original animations, new digital publishing platforms and outstanding creative talent from around the world. Gamania will develop wonderful stories that work across multiple platforms and bring fun to diverse communities around the world.

Completely globalize Gamania.

With roots in Asia, put solid force behind expansion in Europe and the United States, while continuing exploration of new markets.

  • - The purity and fun of our games will not change, but it is our ongoing goal to develop the most interesting gameplay experiences.
  • - Gamania will continue to create original intellectual property across multiple platforms. Through our strong R&D and operations teams, Gamania will become a global digital content provider.